Works by Alex Avgud and Birk Thomassen
Installation from ‘Forløsning’ at Villa Kultur
Image by Sara Gangsted

01.06.23 Copenhagen Photo Festival: IMPACT

Join us on June 1st, when we proudly present new work by Linnéa Cramer, Einar Mølmann Fuglem, and the artistic duo Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted at the heart of Copenhagen Photo Festival!

Linnéa Cramer (b.1997, she/her) is a photographer and video artist based in Sweden. In her practice, she deals with contemporary and posthuman questions about body, sexuality and gender, linked to the history of religion and mythology. Linnéa has studied art history and queer theology and she graduated from Fine Art Photography, HDK-Valand in 2022.

Einar Mølmann Fuglem (b. 1997, he/him) is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, Norway. His work draws on the language of generic images, trying to grapple with the production of photographs. Einar obtained his BFA from HDK-Valand Academy in Gothenburg in 2022.

Jasko Bobar and Sebastian T. Thorsted work with photography and collage in an experimental way, combing analogue techniques with digital post-production. With a playful approach, they utilize props, colours and AI software to create tactile (bodily) sculptures and fictitious universes. They both graduated from The Danish School of Media and Journalism and in their practice they explore the intersection between fashion and art photography.

The four artists have prior to the exhibition been selected to participate in the mentorship program ‘IMPACT’ which is initiated to support emerging artists working in the field of lens-based art in the Nordic countries.


Jan.–Sep. 2022:
Atla: In Progress

In Progress is a cross Nordic collaboration initiated to support emerging artists working in the field of lens-based media. A commitee of art professionals has selected four candidates from the Nordic countries to receive individual mentoring and financial support. Over the course of eight months, the candidates receive feedback and sparring from dedicated curators and art professionals across the Nordic countries. The mentorship program culminates in a group show and artist talk at Landskrona Foto showcasing works by each candidate to an international audience.

The artists/mentees for the programme are:
Matilde Søes Rasmussen (DK)
Alexandra Lige (SE)
Dev Dhunsi (NO)
Hjordis Eythorsdottir (IS)

Collaborating partners are:

MELK Galleri (NO)
Cecilie and Linnea from Atla (DK)
Landskrona Foto (SE)
Hallgedur Hallgrimsdottir (IS)

Follow the project here:

Image by Dev Dhunsi

2021: Atla on Paper 3 – Forbindelser

On Paper 3 features nineteen artistic contributions selected by eight curators from four Nordic photography platforms. Like a curatorial relay race, each platform has taken it in turns to curate a selection of photography. Whilst simultaneously offering four unique perspectives on connections within the realm of photography.

On Paper 3 is also the co-creation of an artefact that consolidates outstanding photography from the Nordic countries.In the process of making On Paper 3, each of the four selections has been dismantled and restitched. As a curatorial bulletin board, this assemblage of images, artists, ideas and materials reveals new connections and reflects the broad scope that is the medium of photography.

Artists: Asbjørn Sand – Cecilie Penney – Charlie Fjätström – Hanna Fauske – Johan Andrén – Katinka Klinge – Klara Sofie Ludvigsen – Laura Bisgaard Krogh – Linda Bournane Engelberth – Lisa Grip – Mette Gregersen – Mikko Rikala – Miriam H Nielsen – Olof Nimar – Petra Theibel Jacobsen – Petter Buhagen – Sofie Keller – Stefano Conti.


28.08.21: Exhibition and book launch: Forløsning

Our second issue of Atla on Paper consists of eight artists’ interpretation of release — woven together and printed on paper. 

Through their poetry, short stories, renders and cyanotypes, release emerges through bodily sensations, infatuation, love, and in the blow of a fist to the side of a head. Circumventing heteronormative depictions of intimacy, ‘Release’ allows a choir of distinct voices to vibrate, unfiltered, on the page. 

On Paper is a collaboration in journal form; the love child of an art exhibition and a magazine. It’s a vessel for encounters between poetry, photography, prose, imagery and language. From issue to issue we define the conceptual frameworks through which new encounters take place. Within these frameworks, the dialogue between genres unfolds freely. We let the artistic process proliferate, untamed and wild.

Artists: Alex Avgud – Birk Thomassen – Oskar Fehlauer – Dyveke Bredsdorff – Glenn Bech – Marialuna Hinze – Niels Henning Krag Jensby.

Work by Birk Thomassen  

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