14.09.20 l Girls Are Awesome: Go big or go home

Girls Are Awesome has followed Atla during the preparation for the exhibition 'Meltdown'.

“I don’t think that it necessarily has anything to do with our gender, but moreso the feminine energy and feminine values that we cultivate — creating an environment where there’s room for everything. You can come into work and have a cry, there is always a shoulder to cry on; and equally, you can come in feeling on top of the world, and we are there to uplift that energy even further,” Linnea is saying. “All these feelings can excite at the same time. There are no wrong feelings. There are no expectations; there’s nothing you can’t do or any particular way you have to act. There are all these very different emotions at play.” (…)

Watch the final movie with interview here


18.09.–20.09.20 l
Group exhibition: 'Meltdown'

A climate denier. A bite rail. Stripper heels. Melted snow. Hedgehog moth projected on latex. 200 photographs of a stove. 32 photographic works. Poems. Sound. Performance. Movie. One meltdown, a breakup, a collapse conveyed through the gaze of 20 artists. 

Nedsmeltning er en gruppeudstilling med nye kunstneriske talenter. På udstillingen vises fotografi, performance, film, lyrik, installation og musik. 

Udstillingen finder sted d. 18.09.–20.09.20 i Werkstatt, en renoveret maskinhal på Refshaleøen. Over tre dage vil Werkstatt blive omdannet til en tværkunstnerisk smeltedigel med et program, der spænder over performances, oplæsning, koncert og film screening.

Se Facebookevent for udstillingen here

Fotografi af Marie Bentzon.

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