Olivia Rohde


Giclée print on 260 gram Canon Luster

21 x 29,7 cm: 375 DKK

29,7 × 42 cm: 565 DKK

42 x 59,4 cm:  755 DKK


"Vague challenges the Western gaze on a different culture. In Japan, what is considered familiar is foreign to the Western. The photographer Olivia Rohde traveled to Japan in 2018. She experienced a different reality than her own for the first time: Tokyo and Kyoto show Japan's culture in two opposite poles. In Tokyo, there are crowded spaces and mass production in a beautiful symbiosis with structure, flow and overwhelming security. In Kyoto, nature communicates with a reverent life with modesty and gratitude for the surroundings. Japan's cultures create both an extreme fascination and a longing for the familiar. In Rohde’s body of work, she aims to create a framework for free interpretation, rather than definite answers. The ambiguous motives must let the thoughts flow without necessarily being redeemed. The goal is a universal cultural language - without preconceptions. Vague - unclear character or meaning." – Olivia Rohde


375.00 DKK755.00 DKK Incl. moms

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