Sarah Michelle Riisager


Giclée print on 260 gram Canon Luster

21 x 29,7 cm: 375 DKK

29,7 × 42 cm: 565 DKK

42 x 59,4 cm:  755 DKK


"When I photograph, I share some of the moments that awaken something in myself, with the aim that these moments also resonate with something in the viewer. For me, photography is about making connections. I believe that we are all looking to be loved and belong somewhere, no matter where we are in the world. As a photographer, I feel obligated to document the measures we take to belong and the relationships we engage in, but in an intuitive and humble way. The lens is a filter between me and the rest of the world and photography is my way of communicating." – Sarah Riisager

375.00 DKK755.00 DKK Incl. moms

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