Chirag Jindal

no.06 Ambury Road, 2018-ongoing

From the series Into The Underworld / Ngā Mahi Rarowhenua

Medium: Terrestrial LiDAR Scan, 38,861,938 points

Giclée print on 260 gram Canon Luster

42 x 59,4 cm.

Ed. 25 + 2 AP


An ancient lava cave under Ambury Road, artificially flattened, widened and transformed into a double-ended tunnel. An artificial shaft has been dug at the rear.

The series Into the Underworld / Ngā Mahi Rarowhenua (2018-ongoing) investigates the subterranean underworld beneath Auckland’s suburbia, an ancient network of dilapidated lava caves, once burial grounds and war shelters. Nowadays little is known of them, their existence reduced to urban myth and threatened by ongoing urban development. Using LiDAR, a form of lens-based imaging, Jindal has crawled through roadside manholes and street-front garages to record remnant sites across the city, creating digital facsimiles as a form of forensic evidence.

Chirag Jindal, based in New Zealand, works at the  intersection of documentaryjournalism, new media and contemporary cartography. After graduating with his Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Auckland in 2016, he began exploring the role of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) as a photographic medium for architectural documentation. Jindal’s developing practice seeks to document our relationship to marginalised landscapes, attempting to unravel the “hidden effects, and unseen layers, of human presence.” Upcoming projects include studies into pre-colonial archaeological war sites, a new incurable disease destroying native tree species, and an untitled solo project to be exhibited at the Bialystok Interphoto Festival in 2021.



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