Dafna Tal

Lucia; reflections, 2018

From the video installation You’re Gorgeous, You’re Mad

Giclée print on 260 gram Canon Luster

42 x 59,4 cm.

Ed. 25 + 2 AP

You’re empathic.
You are arrogant. You are selfish. You are nice. You are a good worker. You are lonely. You are sweet. You are someone that people can trust. You don’t love enough. You are beautiful and gorgeous. You’re bad. You have a beautiful soul. You are really bad. And you are super open for people; to help them. You are nervous. You are tense. You are a good girl. You are stressed. You are an honest person. You are angry all the time. You are humble. You are strange. You are a superhero. You are a monster. You are strong. You are not strong.

This photograph was taken through a two-way mirror, capturing Lucia as she observed herself in the mirror. Later, the photographer flipped the photo by 180 degrees, so that it would match the reflection Lucia saw in the mirror at that moment, which is the opposite of how we or the camera see her in reality. The depiction of Lucia’s reflection is partly hidden by a text composed of the words through which Lucia defined who she is but never disclosed to others. Her words, in the length of several sentences, are repeated as a never-ending pattern, forming a square shape between her image and the viewer, partially obscuring her face. The picture was taken immediately after an act in which Lucia listened to the recording of herself, saying these sentences as she faced her reflection in that mirror. Her reactions to this recording are reflected in this photograph, as well as in the video component of the same project, called “You’re Gorgeous, You’re Mad”.



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