By Frederik Danielsen

Soft cover
ISBN 978-87-970520-0-6
21 × 17cm
58 color images
120 pages
Published September 2018
Limited edition of 500 copies
Publisher: Disko Bay


Drenge (Boys) by the young Danish photographer Frederik Danielsen, depict the formative period from boy to man. A period where you get the first profound feelings and the first hard blows. This universal life phase takes place everywhere, but in Drenge it plays out in the Danish southern countryside on the small island Als close to the German border, in the surroundings where Danielsen grew up himself.

Frederik Danielsen (b.1995 in Sønderborg, Als) attended Copenhagen Film & Photography School and Krogerup Højskole and was later accepted at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Photography Department. Danielsen has exhibited the series on multiple occations in both Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands. Drenge is his first book.


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