Jonathan Lieb

Man In Lobby

Giclée print på 260 gram Canon Luster

21 x 29,7 cm: 375 DKK

29,7 × 42 cm: 565 DKK

42 x 59,4 cm:  755 DKK

The image has a white border


“I’m interested in the boundaries between documented and staged realities; whether spontaneous moments that look choreographed, or constructed images that appear natural. Through my work, I explore the relationship between protagonist and environment.

These images are from the series Outerland. The title Outerland refers to the interface between spaces; the edges and margins of location. Places of transience or impermanence, these environments serve to either interconnect or mark the boundaries of territory.” – Jonathan Lieb

375.00 kr.755.00 kr. Inkl. moms

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